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Corporate Partner Programs

There is not a day that goes by that we are not inspired by the sacrifices that we see, hear about and witness first hand, by the men and women who are serving, or who have served our nation. Without question, we are blessed to have courageous individuals that are willing to put their lives on the line everyday that they serve our country. In today's world, with a moment's notice they could, and do, find themselves being deployed to foreign lands, in order to stand for what our country is all about. The most amazing part of all this is that the vast majority of these people have families that share these sacrifices, while their loved ones are serving. Those are the individuals that we choose to support and make sure that "Their Family is Our Family." We have been told by many Commanders that, if their personnel have a comfort level knowing that their families are being looked after, they can focus on their missions, get their jobs done and get home. With that in mind, we have focused on the families and their needs, 365 days of the year. By no means is our Military, Coast Guard, or Veterans Families NEEDEY; however, sometimes they just need a hand to get them through a bump in the road, or to help them overcome an unexpected challenge, which may be beyond their control.

We have never met a challenge that we haven't enjoyed solving and it is consuming to find the best and most efficient ways to make life better for all of the families that have needs. For example, many of our families have multiple school age children. It was brought to our attention by a corporate partner that there was an issue providing the required school supplies for children in one of the units, when the children were returning to school in September. In response, we purchased 200 back packs, and received donated school supplies, to fill each backpack. In the process of completing this event, it became evident that this was a far-reaching problem, occurring base-wide and we were only touching the tip of the iceberg. The next year we had corporate partners join us for First Operation Back Pack, in which we were able to provide 750 backpacks with 60 items in each backpack. Our partners provided backpacks, school supplies, and volunteers to support this program. We provided our partners with the Logistics, Public Relations, Distribution and full access to our  Social Media acknowledging their participation. A video of the project for theCompany's use in publicizing their commitment to Operation Backpack and, most importantly, they were able to make a difference in the lives of military children returning to school. This will be our forth year for Operation Backpack and we will distribute 4000 units for the start of this school year. 

If you would like to become a corporate partner, the experience is rewarding in many ways. You will meet like-minded companies and individuals, who make a difference in the lives of our families everyday. You will benefit from the experiences interacting with individuals that put their country before themselves . Your employees will benefit from their interactions with our families, and seeing the dedication, discipline, and sacrifices that they make everyday that they serve. Most importantly, your clients will benefit from civic commitment to our Military, Coast Guard, and Veteran families.  

To provide Support and Funding for a particular program or event that will enhance the well being of our Military, Coast Guard, or Veteran Families. This includes Volunteer's to assist with the planning, management, implementation, execution, and funding of a given program or event. Send us a message below. 

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