Cape Cod Military Support Foundation

Serving those who serve us.


Our Mission

To support the Military personnel and their families stationed at Joint Base Cape Cod and Coast Guard Sector Southeastern New England. 

Supporting our FIVE POINT STAR program (funds listed to the right).  The source of funds include major sponsors, donors, receipts from activities, and fund raising events. As you browse our website you will see the different events and those who have helped sponsor the on our Sponsor Page.

There are no salaries paid, and all work is provided by our volunteers, and partners. You can become a sponsor and/or contribute by the methods listed in our website. You can specify what funds your donations are to be used in.

Chaplain's Fund

Devoted to supporting our military personnel and their families by providing food cards, gas cards, financial, medical, bereavement, and holiday support. This Fund is only administered by the Base Chaplain's Office and all requests are vetted with payments made directly to the providers of services.

Dorothy's Baby Pantry

With the help of a group of local business's we established the first of it's kind Baby Pantry where donated items can be used by families with new born children. Over the past four year's the program has been expanded to include baby supplies, clothes, furniture etc.

Children's Fund

The Children's fund was created to make the children feel special as part of a military family. To often they experience many emotions due to constant moving, loneliness and anxiety when a parent is deployed. We try to ease these feelings by having our Family Events Programs (Easter Egg Hunt, Operation Backpack, The Halloween Bash, The Veterans Day Family Skate, and Operation Santa) we also provide tickets to sporting events, concerts, movies and get away trips to local attractions when a parent is deployed.

Scholarship and Education Fund

Scholarships  are provided to the military personnel, spouses and dependents. Help in providing continuing education to all active duty, and guard personnel, for their career advancement and to assist with the transition back to civilian life. This is done by grants, donations, college credits, and on an as available basis in conjunction with Local Community College's and Mass Maritime Academy.

Family Fund

The Family Fund is our main source of revenue, and in kind donations it supports all our other funds as needed. 

Due to the enormous generosity of our partners it allows us to share their donations with our military units not only here on Cape Cod but also across the state. As an example through the generous donations of Dollar Tree, Michaels Crafts, Operation Home Front and Ocean State Job Lot we donated thousands of holiday gifts to military units statewide. We also have received 25,000 gloves, hats and scarfs from Ocean State Job Lot to distributed from Pittsfield to Provincetown. We have created a Holiday Food Program to Support Coast Guard Units on the Islands and remote locations who are at the mercy of increased seasonal pricing. This fund helps us provide the logistics to support all of our efforts. This provides financial assistance to military families when they meet the required criteria for cost of living expense help.

Military Awards Dinner

Established in 1978 to Honor the outstanding person for each of the units assigned to Otis Air Force Base, and Camp Edwards. It know Honor's all of the Military, Coast Guard, and Civilian Personnel assigned to Joint Base Cape Cod, United States Coast Guard Sector Southeastern New England, Air Station Cape Cod. and Base Cape Cod. In 2013 a Community Service Award was added to recognize the Local Individuals, and Businesses who have made a major impact for our Military Families. The criteria for the selection is outstanding job performance, dedication and support of their comrades and country. This banquet allows their Commanders to choose their Outstanding Enlisted Person of the year( The Best of The Best ). This honor provides a recognition memento, cash award, and other gifts donated by our generous sponsors. This Celebration takes place in front of their peers has been in place for 39 years.

Memorial Park

Established  in 1967 to Honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving at Otis Air Force Base, and Camp Edwards. Today the park honors hundreds of individuals from all of the units that have served proudly at Joint Base Cape Cod. In 2014 the Foundation made the financial commitment to maintain and operate Memorial Park, and secured funding from the State Legislature to rebuild and move it to an new location on Joint Base Cape Cod. 

From the Chaplain's Desk

On Thursday, September 25, 2014 10:00 AM, "Mills, Robert LT (USN)" <> wrote

1.  The six-month-old child of a military family residing on JBCC was diagnosed with severe congenital heart defects and was transferred from local medical care to Boston Children's Hospital.  Over the next five months, until the child tragically passed away, this family struggled mightily to make ends meet with major additional food, medical, babysitting, and transportation expenses.  Their only breadwinner was a very junior Coast Guard member, taking home less than $1,650 per month.  OCAC food and gas card donations enabled the Chaplain's Office to assist this family at several key points, providing enough help to get through the terrible crisis. 

2.  A military member was on leave in the Midwest with her husband and two children.  During their time with loved ones, the husband suddenly began to suffer from severe, debilitating headaches.  After several of these episodes, he was taken to a hospital emergency room, where, after tests, he was found to have a massive malignant tumor on his brain.  Immediate surgery was required to save his life.  His wife - the primary breadwinner, was earning approximately $2,500 per month at the time.  The Chaplain was able to mail out OCAC-donated food and gas cards to their vacation address, ensuring that they would have enough food and gas to cover the unexpected expenses during their greatly-extended time away from home.  Happily, the husband's surgery was successful and the family has returned to Massachusetts where he continues to recover.

3. A young, female military member was suffering from physical and emotional abuse at the hands of a non-service boyfriend.  As she was in the process of breaking off their relationship and moving out of the apartment they had shared, he somehow managed to clean out her savings and checking accounts.  The Chaplain was able to assist her with donated food and gas cards from OCAC, giving her the time and space she needed to re-establish different accounts and get back on her feet.   

Nearly every week, families and individuals call, text, or email the Chaplain's Office, asking for help to cover unexpected expenses.  We are very blessed to not have to turn anyone away.  We can use the donated food and gas cards from OCAC to help them through their crisis, whatever it is.  Soldiers, Airmen, Coasties, Reservists and National Guard Members and federally-employed civilians all benefit from the selfless giving of those who have donated so that OCAC can pass along that love.  Thank you!

Very Respectfully,